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Hi macrame lovers!

My name is Tunde, I created

Macrame is my hobby since 2012 and after a while I reached a new level when I started selling my pieces on my hungarian shop.

Now, in 2017 I decided to start this site and hopefully I can help those of you who admire knotting too and would like to learn this wonderful, variable, creative technique.

You can find photo tutorials and some video instructions here about making my pieces.

You can use them for making your own jewellery, you can sell your macrame works with these patterns. I only ask you not to publish my photos and videos in other places, please don’t copy anything from my site. You can download to your computer if it helps you to learn, but don’t share with others. Give your friends the link (, that will help them too. Thank you!

I don’t teach personally, I only post here articles, photos and videos with knotting instructions, because this is my hobby and I don’t have more time beside my family and job.

If you completed one of my projects, I can gladly share your picture of your work here with your first name, if you agree. 🙂

Happy knotting!